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The Santorini of Beauty and Magic

Out and around in Santorini

Santorini Island

Of all the holiday destinations in the world, Santorini is the one that will truly make you fall in love. An island so small, yet so full of magic, this place is where time seems to stand still and draw you into a constant sensation of awe and wonder. Santorini’s beauty rises through the ashes of destruction; a volcano eruption back in 1600 B.C. sank a vast portion of the island into the Aegean Sea, leaving behind the breath-taking caldera and a microclimate that favours the growth of unique volcanic produce that stand out for their amazing taste and quality. Its rich history and culture bequeathed the island with archaeological and medieval monuments that enchant all visitors, and add to Santorini’s imposing character, transforming a holiday in Santorini into a love affair with the beauty and the magic that surrounds it. 

How to explore all this beauty? Just let your steps lead you to every corner; roam around the whitewashed alleys of traditional villages, climb up the steps leading to the medieval Kastelis, sample traditional recipes with local products and accompany them with the velvety Santorinian wines. Sink your feet in black volcanic sands and wait for the sun to set for a spectacle unlike anything you have ever seen, or set sail to the endless blue of the Aegean and feel deep in your heart all that Santorini is about. Welcome to Santorini of beauty and magic, enjoy it to your heart’s content!

What to look for…

Santorini offers ample choice when it comes to sightseeing; start from the archaeological excavation of Akrotiri to discover the Mediterranean Pompeii, a highly advanced civilization that was buried intact under the lava of the volcanic eruption that shaped the island to its current form. The ruins of Ancient Thera on top of Mesa Vouno are also significant, whereas findings from both locations are exhibited in the Museum of Prehistoric Thera and the Archaeological Museum in Fira. The medieval era of Santorini, when the island flourished is evident in its five extraordinary Kastelis, castle-like villages with evocative allure and architectural splendour. The best-preserved Kastelis on the island are those of Emporio and Pyrgos, whereas the picturesque Oia will take your breath away, not only for its extraordinary island vibe but also for the best sunsets in the world! For a more secluded sunset viewing spot look for the Akrotiri Lighthouse, or climb up Skaros Rock at Imerovigli, one of the Kastelis of Santorini for the most amazing experience.


Unusual colours, volcanic rocks and imposing geological formations meet the crystalline waters of the Aegean and transform everything you knew about beaches. Starting from the iconic Red Beach near Akrotiri and its neighbouring White Beach, you’ll instantly realize that every beach of Santorini is truly unique and amazing. Vlychada’s lunar-like cliffs are a must, whereas for exhilarating beach living, look for Perissa, Perivolos and Kamari with numerous beach bars, cafés and restaurants. As for secluded beaches, Coloumbo and Kambia are the ones to look for. 

Sailing Cruises 

Without a doubt the most popular and interesting activity one can try when in Santorini. The choices are numerous; sailing boats, traditional caiques, modern catamarans and luxurious yachts sail out daily on private or semi-private cruises to the caldera, the beaches, the volcanoes or even to neighbouring islands. Select among day-time or sunset-time cruises, with or without onboard meals, or even take it a step further and host a small-scale event on board. We would be more than happy to help you arrange a sailing cruise to the coastal beauties of Santorini, according to your preferences. 

Hiking / Cycling

Explore the natural side of Santorini on a hiking or a cycling tour; perhaps the most intriguing hiking path is the route from Fira to Oia, on the edge of the caldera. This route passes through all of the villages crowning the caldera and offers non-stop breath-taking sea views for the 2,5 hours it lasts to reach the traditional Oia. A more pastoral hike is the route from the village of Pyrgos to firstly the Monastery of Profitis Ilias with the panoramic views to the Aegean, then to Ancient Thera on top of Mt. Mesa Vouno, the medieval Kasteli of Emporio and finally the beach of Kamari. As for more laid-back strolls, the traditional Megalochori Village is ideal for getting in touch with authentic Santorinian living, untouched by large tourist crowds and modern facilities. 

Horseback Riding 

If you are looking for a unique way to explore Santorini’s outdoors, horseback rides are an exciting and truly exciting activity that will take you to spots hard to locate on any other means of transportation. Guided by experienced instructors, horseback rides will take you to well-hidden spots of natural beauty, to untouched beaches and charming locations, on an experience you are bound to enjoy. Let us know if you wish for us to arrange a horseback riding tour for you! 

Wine tastings

To best complete your Santorini experience, you can’t miss out on trying the superb volcanic local wines. Varieties such as the strong Assyrtiko, Aidani, Mavrotragano and more are amongst the wines you should look for, and of course, the world-renowned Vinsanto, the local speciality, is a must-try. All wineries are open to the public, offering guided tours of their vineyards and wine tastings, as well as additional happenings such food pairing classes, cooking classes, event hosting and more. We would be more than happy to assist you in booking a wine tasting tour to the wineries of your choice, as well as transfers to and from your wine tasting tours. 


Part of Santorini’s irresistible appeal is its gastronomy, that has gradually taken over the culinary world with mouth-watering tastes by its volcanic products and the spectacular local wines. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try the Santorinian fava, a yellow split pea variety that only grows here, or the one-of-a-kind cherry tomatoes with the fiery taste and the white eggplants. Delicious capers and the local “chloro” are the touches that will elevate your salads, whereas the smooth, velvety wines of Santorini have their own delightful role in many inspired dishes. Look for Santorini’s tastes in traditional taverns and modern restaurants all around the island, and prepare for a culinary adventure that will enchant your palate, just like everything else Santorini has to offer!

We at Kaminos Private Villa are at your utter disposal to help you find interesting activities for your stay in Santorini, to make reservations and arrangements for you, as well as to arrange transfers or car rentals to facilitate your comings and goings. Please don’t hesitate to ask, we would be more than happy to assist you!